Patrick Hemmerlé

Something to look forward to later in the year

Word of Patrick Hemmerlé's recent performance at the St Mary's in Perivale reached Aylesbury Lunchtime Music last week. The audience was said to have had their senses 'ravished and seduced'. Ever alert to the needs of our audience, Mike immediately leapt into action and, you will be excited to hear, that you too will be 'ravished' later in the year!

Why wait?

If suspense is not your thing, or you fancy a sneak peek, then you can view the Perivale performance here:

With the 2022 season already bulging at the seams, we will have to wait until later in the year to be wowed by Patrick, although he has indicated that he is happy to step forward to fill in cancellations if he is available. It is always very helpful to have some trump cards during a pandemic!