In memory of Colin

It is with great sadness that we have to inform you about the death of our dear friend and colleague, Colin Ferris died after complications following an emergency operation. Colin has been associated with the concerts for many years both as meticulous treasurer and reliable page-turner. We will all miss him.

A few words from those who knew him well:-

"He was a knowledgeable and vey able musician always reticent about it – I have three CDs with his music (compositions or arrangements); and another with a compilation with a combination of popular songs – often humorous , and more serious stuff. He loved limericks and used to recite them during the conversation we used to have before or after recitals (mostly with David and Giles and Pam, and often Janet and other team members)

He was a meticulous keeper of the accounts and always concerned to play by the rules.

And, of course, his page-turning was legendary. I was interested to hear of his with Angela Hewitt whose pages were almost horizontal.

If (and only if) he were prompted he would recite the poem by Richard Stilgoe song: The origin of the cello.

We shall miss him very much." (Mike Butterworth)

"We are very sad at the news. Colin was a delight to know. He was very talented and funny being particularly fond of plays on words which I too enjoy. He compiled a list (which I am glad to have a copy of) of all the entries to the Uxbridge English dictionary from ‘I’m Sorry I Haven’t a Clue’ then he and Peter and I periodically added to it. One of Colin’s y contributions was: TACTILE – where the supermarket staff are sensitive to customer issues....

"He was modest about his musical achievements whether as a singer, violist or composer. Benjamin Frost and Colin played his Sonata for Piano Duet at St. Mary’s on 18 July 2002. Colin composed this in 1994 and gave copies of the score to a number of friends including me. My late piano teacher Eric Parsons and I enjoyed learning and playing it. In fact Colin eventually gave away all the copies of the score and for the performance with Benjamin he asked me if he could have my copy back ! Colin made a cassette tape of the work for me. I also have three CDs of Colin’s works some of which were electronically generated such as his wittily put together barbershop quartet with all four parts sung by himself multi-tracked. In 2000 Colin made a string orchestra arrangement of his own 1997 String Quartet No. 2, calling it ‘Something from the Suite Trolley’ (another typical play on words), the first movement of which was given by the Crendon Chamber Orchestra at a concert in Thame in October 2004 which I remember attending. That same orchestra conducted by William Carslake also recorded the entire work in a revised version in 2011 (with thanks to Colin for his notes on one of the CDs)." (Giles Du Boulay)