CONCERTS: Update 28th March 2021

We hope to be able to re-start concerts before too much longer. At present we have no firm date, BUT:

Church repairs - a major project - has been completed.

Vaccinations are going well in terms of numbers and signs of their effectiveness.

We shall be starting as soon as it is safe and legal to do so. I'll post the news here and inform people on our mailing list.




We will continue to have restricted numbers, and possibly more people wanting to come than we can accommodate.

If so we'll continue with the system of allocating places in advance. So now is the time to get on the list, if you are not already on.

Safeguarding procedures have been and will be in place, including one-way system, social distancing of 2 metres and face masks (please bring your own mask).

Contact Mike Butterworth:

to be added to the mailing list or for other queries.


Contact  Jane Turner for future bookings. The email address is:


Entry is still £5. We now have the means of accepting payment by plastic. No tickets are issued.




Church of St Mary the Virgin, Aylesbury


​Thursdays. 12.45. £5.00, 18 and under free

Admissions payment from 12.15. Cash only, no pre-booking necessary


Yes, Aylesbury has become one of the best towns in the country – comparing like with like – for regular chamber music. As you can see we do not spend on wasteful glossy publicity, but this series (we are told) is among the finest of its kind in the UK – international professional musicians in weekly concerts of usually around an hour. We do our best to maintain an admission price which is affordable to anyone interested, and endeavour always to offer fresh, varied and broad-ranging programmes, not forgetting living composers. We are responsive to requests for favourite works, and generous donations and monetary gifts from an enthusiastic audience make possible concerts otherwise beyond our means, usually featuring larger ensembles. If you haven’t tried us, please do so – we hope you will find everything friendly, welcoming and up to expectations.  

Many of our musicians have websites and are on YouTube and other such platforms, so you can easily check them out for yourselves.

St Mary’s now has an excellent vegan café up and running, so why not combine your visit with lunch or refreshments?            


This listing was correct at the time of issue, but Aylesbury Lunchtime Music reserves the right to change programmes. We always do our best to give advance notice, but to be sure you should subscribe to our email service


Mike also updates our website: 

We positively invite any comments about our concerts direct to us or to Mike via email.


Our sole source of income is from our admission receipts, plus any extra donations our supporters feel they can give us.

These donations are RING-FENCED FOR MUSIC, and NEVER spent on overheads.


Aylesbury Lunchtime Music is grateful to Fr Doug Zimmerman, the Rector of St Mary’s, for making the performers and organising team so welcome, and to Karen Baker, the Parish Administrator, who prints our programmes and helps in other ways beyond the call duty and her precious time.


Our concerts last usually around an hour, but it is best to allow 75 minutes.


The team:

Mike Butterworth: hosting, website, email, publicity, press liaison

Trevor Dawe: hosting

Colin Ferris; treasurer and page turner

Janet Frost: hosting and admission desk

David Mulraney: programming, programmes, listings

Marion Mulraney: admission desk

Jane Turner: hosting

If you enjoy live classical music in Aylesbury at this level please support these concerts as often as you can


Not a penny of donated and gifted money goes on overheads


We must thank Fr Doug Zimmerman of St Mary’s for his warmth, good humour and encouragement, and Karen Baker for printing our programmes whatever her workload.


To ensure updates and other news join our email list. Just see Mike or email him.












Thursday 10.12.20

We hoped to be listening to Bela Hartmann playing a wonderful programme of Bach, Beethoven/Liszt and neat Beethoven.

We look forward to that in the future but you might like to have a look at:

The musicians who come to perform are of the highest calibre and you might be interested to explore  some of them on YouTube. Have a look at the names on our programmes, past and present, and explore.

Here are a couple of suggestions, one for piano, and one for violin and piano. You might also like to look up their CD releases.

Jenna Sung:


Ravel, Gaspard de la nuit:


Schumann, Carnival:


Alkan, le festin d’Esop: [if you don't know about Alkan, try this. It's great fun.]

Joo Yeon Sir with Irina Andrievsky:

Igor Frolov, Concert Fantasy on Gershwin themes from Porgy and Bess:

A little clip from one of our other favourite pianists, Tyler Hay, that I think you'll enjoy:

Tyler Hay plays his own arrangement of Kitten on the Keys: Fly on the Wall.

Ueda Rinaldo CD.jpg